Buckets 4 Buses

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Dollar amounts ranged from $0.10 to $1.00

Total Amount Raised:
Goal $3,000, Current Collected $2,005 66%

Join the Buckets 4 Buses fundraiser!  From Hearts 2 Hands Inc.  will use the fundraised money to purchase a bus for kids in Tanzania. The picture to the left is an actual image of the kids at the  Vipaji Nursery School and Daycare in Usa River, Tanzania, being transferred to school in a five-seater vehicle. On an average day, the school transports 30 kids. You can imagine how difficult that is to transport 30 kids in a five seater on a daily basis. With your help, we can make their journey much safer and easier. Pledge today!

How can you be apart of change?

Simply by pledging a dollar amount per NBA’s Warriors’ basketball game point.

Which basketball game?

Warriors Vs. Nuggets – March 8th, 2019. You do not even have to be at the game in person!  You can simply watch the game from the comfort of your home, or not even watch the game! Just check your email for the update from Crown Him Presents on what the final score was from the Warriors vs. Nuggets basketball game on March 8th,  2019 and you will receive an invoice regarding the fulfillment of your pledge.

From Hearts 2 Hands Inc.

The goal of From Hearts 2 Hands is to bridge the gap between simple thoughts of goodwill and physical actions of goodwill.

Join me today in allowing what tugs at your heartstrings to also propel you forward to be an agent of change.

Briana Greene, Founder

"There was no one to tell me I couldn' t, so I told myself I could."

Briana is a 24 yr old from FL, USA whose heart is touched with a passion for children in poverty. That passion has become the focal point of her educational and life journey. She received a bachelor's in Religion & Healthcare in 2016 from the University of Miami, a master's in Medical Science from Loma Linda University in California, and is currently a first year medical student at LLU School of Medicine.

Each summer she returns to Tanzania to further impact the lives of the children she has met by continued development of the Vipaji Daycare Center and the surrounding community. Her dream is to see the center grow & touch many more little lives positively -  not only for today but for their & their country’s tomorrows.

It is past March 8th? Donate now!

Head over to the From Hearts 2 Hands GoFundMe page to donate today!

Sponsoring children to attend private schools through the Mind Investor program, designing curriculum, providing resources and supplies, and getting children excited about learning through novel learning activities.

Built a dental hygiene room, playground, installed kitchen and bathroom sinks, instituted hand washing routines, reinforced the current chicken coop, and created nutritious meal plans for the children and more.

Using innovative crafts, engaging songs, and quality time to foster children’s excitement about education while broadening their horizons.

Learn more about From Hearts 2 Hands Inc. by visiting their website http://fromhearts2hands.org