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Crown Him Presents, LLC.


To energize the social lives of young adults.


Our mission is to facilitate meaningful social interaction between young adult men and women.

According to faith-based research done by Barna: Cities, the San Francisco metro area tops the list of America’s “most churchless cities.” Six in 10 Bay Area residents meet the Barna definition of “unchurched.” Barna tracks “not only overall churchlessness, but also what proportion of unchurched adults are ‘dechurched’—that is, who used to attend regularly but have not attended at all in the past six months—and what proportion are ‘never churched’—meaning they have never in their lives regularly attended a church.” — http://cities.barna.org/barna-cities-the-top-churchless-metro-areas/

“We cannot improve the world if we are conformed to the world.”

– Neal A. Maxwell

We feel it best to “meet people where they are.” In that vein, the events we promote are not bound just to church buildings or even any particular denomination. Our values are based on those expressed within the Holy Scriptures, and this forms the basis for our promoting an alcohol- and drug-free environment. These uncompromising standards are what enable Crown Him Presents to provide a positive experience at each event. We want people to attend our events and realize that they can still have fun and not have their values challenged by the current “norms” of society.


Founding Team

Our Stories…..


Claudia Sajous          Priscilla Morgan

Claudia Sajous and Priscilla Morgan are bay area natives who attended the same church, same academy, and same college. Even though the two shared a lot in common, their life stories were quite different. Combining their education and passions, both Claudia and Priscilla are using their gifts to offer their peers something different.

Crown Him Presents was established to bring together fun, wholesome, and inspiring entertainment events for young, socially active Christians. We believe that people of faith need not compromise their values just to enjoy today’s social scene. Our mission is to energize the lives of young adults by offering faith-based events that promote an atmosphere of laughter, loving kindness, and a positive vibe.